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Types of Roofing Materials

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Do you know?

Slate, Asphalt roof shingles, clay, or concrete floor tiles were the only roofing choices long back. 

However, today’s modern roof materials provide an unprecedented variety of options, as well as makeovers for traditional roof materials. 

Here’s a list of different styles of roof coverings to think about for your next re-roofing plan:

  • Solar floor tiles

Solar PV tiles a.k.a solar shingles/solar slates are essentially mini solar PV panels that generate electricity from the sun and design to fit your existing tiles or slates. Solar tiles function in the same way as solar PV panels, but instead of being bolted on, they become part of your roofer. Such tiles are built of photovoltaic cells, which produce an electric field when sunlight shines on them, providing free power to use within your house.

  • Asphalt shingles

They are available in hundreds of colors and designs designed to secure a home for decades of weathering with minimal maintenance. 

They are simple to build, making them a desirable choice for experienced roofing contractors to provide to their clients. Although having a new roof is not a cheap project, asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective options available.

  • Steel roof

You can save money on the supporting structure’s engineering and construction because of the lightweight material. In reality, you may also downsize or reduce the number of roof support members when constructing a house or an extension. Metal shows the sun’s radiant heat, reducing midday heat gain. It means you can save electricity during the day by not using air conditioning.

  • Stone-coated steel

The durability of this coating form is the first aspect that makes it so popular today. Steel is known for its ability to withstand various weather conditions, including heavy rain, heavy hail, and other heavy things that occur on the road. The elegance and durability of this material are the second reasons you may want to use it. We may suggest that functionality is the most critical factor, but steel roofing provides a win-win situation because it allows for elegance and durability.

  • Slate

Slate roofing tile has many benefits, mainly because it’s a natural stone product with a distinctive, stunning appearance and the durability that slate is known for. Slate roofing isn’t a modern idea. For a long time, it has been a standard option in the roofing industry. 

  • Rubber slate

Rubber slate has a natural appearance and can be cut down with a blade to match intricate roof coverings such as those seen on Victorian houses. 

Rubber slate roofs can last 100 years, but they can be damaged by dish antennas and walking, and they could be damaged by hail, much like slate. Rubber slate installation experts can be challenging to come by.

  • Green roofings

Environment-friendly roofs are coated with plants and can enhance air top quality, prevent excessive overflow, and shield houses to lower warm city islands. Thermal insulation, a vapor barrier, Architectural support, waterproofing, water drainage, water purification, soil, garden compost, and plants are all needed.


The perfect roofing can determine by environment, budget, and place. To find out what works best in your area, chat with qualified roofing contractors and take a look at some of the newer developments in the area to get ideas for roof materials. There is always a risk that your roofing system will be affected, no matter what kind you choose. Roofs can be costly, so you want to make sure you’re safe if anything unforeseen occurs.

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