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How To Clean And Wear Contact Lenses Effectively?

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Contact lenses are fragile and hence we need to take proper care of them to ensure the longevity of the item. While dealing with the eyes, we must maintain hygiene and clean up anything that comes near the internals of the eye. Since contact lenses come in direct touch with the eyes we need to make sure that we take proper care of the object to avoid infection.

Sometimes in absence of the solution, the lenses tend to dry up and lead to damage. To avoid such unwanted consequences, we need to take certain measures. Let us check out some effective ways to restore the lenses to a good condition and prevent eye irritation.

Steps to maintain and clean lenses-

  • Contact lenses are not supposed to be handled with dirty fingers. Make sure that you have properly washed your palm with soap and water to avoid the passage of germs and dust onto the contact lenses. The antibacterial sanitizers should be used before the lenses.
    • Each time after use contact lens cleaning solutions have to be done. Avoid the usage of water or other kinds of sprays. This may have a negative reaction on the surface and destroy the lenses completely. 
    • It is recommended that you avoid touching lenses with fingernails. This is before the sharp nails create dent and scratch on the surface. You may not have noticed but nails can be a source of microscopic germs that will pass on the surface of the lense. Rub and rinse the surface gently with your finger dipped in the lens cleaning solution. This is the most effective technique to handle lenses and get them cleaned in no time. 
    • You are advised to store the lenses in the container and never leave it around bare on any kind of surface. Contact lenses may accumulate mildew and microscopic germs if you leave them in humid and wet areas for too long. 
  • Contact lenses need to be treated in a clear solution and stored in the protective case when not in use. This will prevent them from drying up and ensure a longer usage time.
  • To maintain the sterility of the lenses, always store them in the containers provided along with the lenses. Make sure to replace the cap tightly so that you can prevent the entry of air which will dry up the lenses gradually. 

It is important to note that we take adequate measures before handling the lenses. This is because lenses are extremely delicate and prone to damage if we mishandle them even mildly. You are also advised to not use the lenses for more than the duration of a month. Replace the lenses periodically to maintain a healthy vision and avoid any kind of infection. 

You are also recommended to get appointments with the optician and ensure monthly checkups to keep an update about the health of your eyes. Seek the directions of your physician while using the contact lenses and thoroughly go through the instruction manual provided with the lenses to handle the object carefully. 

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