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Does Insurance Pay For Drunk Driving

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Drunk driving is always a no-no. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to severe accidents, which is also illegal and incredibly dangerous. Generally, in most cases, when a drunk driver gets involved in an accident, their insurance company pays for the damages caused to all the grieving parties. Insurance is supposed to pay for any accident that you suffer, irrespective of who was to blame for the incident and whether drunk driving was involved or not. 

Nevertheless, your insurance company can take several different stands on the issue, and you must be prepared for all the possible outcomes. Also, we advise you to employ the help of a DUI attorney in phoenix. Legal assistance can go a long way in protecting you from convictions, penalties, and claims. In this article, we will discuss the various courses your insurance company can take if you’re charged with drunk driving. 

Your Coverage Gets Denied After A DUI

Ideally, your insurance company should cover any damages and injuries caused by an accident that took place when you were drunk. However, there is a twist here. No insurance company is liable to pay any claims for any accident that you caused intentionally. Some companies might charge you with intentional misconduct in the case of a DUI. 

According to their argument, you were aware that you would be drinking, and you still decided to sit behind the wheel and drive yourself. If their claim gets accepted in a legal hearing, then the company can deny all your claims on the money. If you find yourself in this situation, you should consider getting legal help immediately. 

Find a practising DUI attorney in phoenix to argue your case with the insurers and change their minds. Then, consider convincing them to pay for damages caused to your vehicle under your accident coverage policy. 

Your Coverage Gets Limited

Another possibility in the case of DUI might be that your insurance company agrees to pay for the injuries and damages caused by the accident but refuses to cover the penalties for intentional misconduct. 

Most injuries are indeed viewed from the point of view of personal negligence, meaning that you were careless and didn’t act with suitable caution. In the case of most accidents, victims can defend themselves against this charge. 

However, in the case of a DUI, you can easily be charged with intentional misconduct. Your point of argument here could be that although the drinking was deliberate, you had no intention of injuring or harming. If your attorney can take this argument forward, your insurance company might be convinced to give you full coverage. 

Your Policy Gets Cancelled

The third road your insurance company can take is to cancel your insurance policy. If you are a convicted DUI driver, you are a significant risk to the company. For them, it is natural to assume that you can repeat this once again, and therefore they might downright cancel your policy. 

Most states have a car insurance regulation law that does not allow companies to just cancel someone’s policy, even in a DUI case. However, if possible, be sure that they will take that route. If they cannot cancel the policy, they will increase the premium. Even if you choose to move to a new company, you will face a similar situation. 


DUI is a serious charge for any citizen, and in most states, it reflects on your records for as long as ten years. Apart from risking your life and the life of others, it also puts you under the scanner and levies a lot of penalties and even a possible prison sentence on you. The best way out is to exercise caution and avoid drunk driving. 


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