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Buying Sunglasses Anytime Soon? Here is a Checklist to follow.

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Most of us buy sunglasses as a style statement. While it helps us protect our eyes from the scorching sun rays, we also make sure they match with our outfits. However, some of us need sunglasses to fight migraines while going out to work in the sun. Without a good pair of shades, many fall sick due to migraine attacks.

But what are the varieties you can get in sunglasses?

Types of Sunglasses

The following are the types of sunglasses you can find in stores –

  • Prescription Sunglasses- If you have high power and do not wear contact lenses, then get prescription sunglasses. 
  • Clip-On Sunglasses- If you love your glasses too much, adding a clip-on sunglass is your best option. There is a wide variety of clip-on sunglasses, so finding one to match your glasses will not pose a problem.  
  • Non-Prescription Sunglasses- These non-prescription sunglasses are mainly for those who wear contact lenses. These types of sunglasses have the best stylish designs and can be found in well-known brands like Idee, Ray-Ban, etc.

But how to choose a good sunglass among all these types, best suited for your needs? 

Check out the tips below.

5 Factors to Keep in mind while Shopping for a Sunglass

  • Protection Against UV Rays- To get the best possible protection against the sun, make sure your sunglasses have 100% UV protection. If they do not have UV protection, just a pair of coloured glasses will not give you complete protection. 
  • Price – While it is advisable to opt for an original pair of sunglasses, you should not spend too much on your sunglasses. You should look for a proper store or good online stores which would give you good discounts and offers on your purchase. 
  • Brand – While you will get great knock-offs at every street corner, you should always opt for branded sunglasses. While these first copy sunglasses have the style and looks of the expensive branded ones, they do not give the same durability, quality, and guarantee. If your sunglasses keep getting damaged in 6 months, you will end up sending more than you would have on an original piece. So it is better to make a more considerable investment.
  • Style- Styles of sunglasses keep coming and going. So picking the currently trending piece might not be the wisest decision. Instead, opt for a timeless style, something that will be versatile and timeless – something appropriate for your office as well as for your vacations.
  • Shape – Not just the type of sunglasses you choose to wear but the shape you also choose matters. While there are the traditional rectangular and square-shaped sunglasses, you can also opt for fun shapes like cat’s eyes, hexagonal. Circular, etc. These shapes can complement your face and create a style statement. 


A sunglass is an integral part of our life, be it a fashion accessory or protect your eyes against the sun. So choosing the right sunglasses can prove to be complicated. However, the next time you go shopping for sunglasses, make sure to keep this checklist mentioned above in mind. 


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